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London Women's Health & Fitness Expo flyer






Title: “How to Start Your Journey to A Healthier Life”

Presented by: Randal Tendo & Zaneta Kaminska- Wellness Experts

Description: Leading a healthy lifestyle is a common goal, but the question most ask is where to begin.

It can get a bit unclear and confusing when there is so much information out there and you don't know what advice to follow. Start your journey today and join us for tips, tricks and inspiration. You never know it may change your life.



Title: “Home Workout 101: Get Creative and Get Results”

Presented by: Stephanie Erivo

Description: Looking for ways to spruce up your home workout sessions? This workshop will give you fun and creative ideas designed to help you get the most out of your home exercise routines, using bits and pieces found around the house. Information on the day will include; DIY equipment tips, cheap and cheerful equipment resources, effective workout plan structures, a taster workout session and much more! Your home workout sessions will never be the same, prepared to be inspired.



Title: “Mind Warrior Training - Become the Master of Self!”

Presented by: Naomi Davidson

Description: Do you feel like life’s a constant battle? Are you feeling overwhelmed? Defeated? Depleted? Deflated?  Worn out?  Are you fed up of feeling fed up? The best warriors have been broken in and broken down.  Life will always present challenges.  Unlock your inner warrior!



Title: “Come Sweat and Smile with Swedercise (Friskis&Svettis) London!”

Presented by: Sofia, Lucie, Toshana, Adam and Silke

Description: Come join us for 45 mins of fun, sweat and smiles, the Swedish way! All you need is your body- our Swedercise instructors will get you moving and smiling right from the start with a workout that focuses on enjoying the freedom of movement to catchy music for 45min, all the while getting a total body workout that improves your strength, is challenging and will get you sweating! You won’t forget us! We just won the MoveGB ' Best Fitness Class in London' 2016 Award, so come find out why!



Title: “Let's Talk Menopause”

Presented by: Lauren Chiren, Founder of Women of a Certain Stage

Description:  I'm hormotional! Get me out of here! Hot Flashes, Insomnia, Anxiety & oh .... there's more! The Menopause HOT line. Let's get talking: Your questions and our answers. Increase your concentration, improve your sleep & find your calm.



Title: “How to Keep a 'HOT' Body for Life” 

Presented by: Jenni Russell

Description: Want to look and feel 15 years younger and have a "Hot Body" without having to spend hours in the gym and still enjoy your food? Jenni shares the secrets that helped her win the title of "Britain's Fittest Woman" three times! And she still enjoys that body 20 years later. She is the author and CEO of Pelvic Floor Secrets - 6 weeks to confidence, continence and sexual satisfaction at 1 Harley St. Her work has recently been published by the International Continence Society and has featured in various magazines and she has appeared on ITV's This Morning show. Her mantra: "Be Ready, Be Educated"



Title: “The Food That Heals Your Wounds”

Presented by:   Maria Rosa Fimmano

Description: The five emotional wounds usually referred as Injustice, Abandon, Refusal, Betrayal and Humiliation have enormous effect in our well-being. As a consequence, our body cannot express its full potential. We can help our body to heal itself consuming selected vibrational food with simple recipes that we may enjoy every day. Also, practicing the new enhancing exercises you will get faster and better results in your life, your organs, your muscles and body weight in a gentle and enjoyable way. We want to consider food in its vibrational nature. Food has the potential to influence the functioning of DNA and for this reason its role is so powerful to change our lives.



Title: “30 Minute Body Blast” 

Presented by: Temi Nuga 

Description: Come enjoy this full body workout!  This is a high intensity work-out that will leave your body burning fat for hours!   


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