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Title: “Get Cardi D. FITT with Trap Fitness”
Presented by: CardiacFITT, LLC

Description: Here's some statistics, heart disease is the #1 Killer in America. The good news in most cases heart disease is preventable through diet, exercise, and overall behavioral modifications. The bad news is most people find it difficult to change their diet, increase exercise or other behavioral modification strategies. CardiacFITT, LLC gets this done through incorporating exercise that's both engaging and fun. We partner with Trap Fitness an urban group exercise and fitness -program that provides a LIVE experience like no other:  focused, upbeat, energetic, and supportive.  So, come Trap with us, and let’s get Cardi D. FITT together!



Title: “Why eating breakfast is MAKING you fat and how to cycle your carbohydrates to BURN fat!” 

Presented by: Lindsay Huelse, BSN, RN, PN1

Description: For years, society has brainwashed us into believing breakfast is the most important meal of the day as well as cutting out carbohydrates to keep unwanted fat off. These are MYTHS! The correlation to less carbs and less calories has led to an all-time high in Obesity as well as keeping us running from fad diet to fad diet, with little energy and disrupted hormones. Carb Cycling and Intermittent fasting has helped hundreds of thousands of women, just like you, tone their tummy, increase their energy, sleep like babies, discover food freedom, as well as self-discovery with zero deprivation. This is the proven road map to sustainable weight loss you've been waiting for!!



Title: “The MUST HAVE Mommy Makeover”

Presented by:  Dr. Stephanie Teotia

Description: Stephanie Teotia, M.D is a board-certified plastic surgeon located in Dallas, Texas.  Join us to learn more about how a "Mommy Makeover" can change your body and mind.  Also, enter multiple drawings to win a free cosmetic consultation or a free glycolic acid peel.  The winners will be announced at the end of the presentation. See before and after photos and stick around for a Q & A session at the end. 



Title: “Get Your Body into a FAT Burning State”

Presented by: Sarah Ford- B.S- Nutrition and Wellness Studies, Certified Health Coach

Description: If you’re interested in getting your body into a state of fat burning, you will want to attend this lecture with Sarah Ford, Certified Health Coach.  Come and learn about how to jump start your metabolism and keep it high all day, as well as learning about the right combinations of foods. This will be an interactive lecture and will provide you with easy to tips and tricks you can continue to implement at home.



Title: “H.I.I.T. Different “
Presented by: Tevyn Harmon and HillTop Strong
Description: Come Train Different with a Nationally Certified Specialist. Get your heart rate up and burn 300-400 calories with your own body and bands as Tevyn leads you through a High Intensity Interval Training session known to make you feel the burn!




Title: “The TRUTH about How Every Woman can discover the ROOT CAUSE to their concern with weight, chronic pain, low energy, blood sugar, blood pressure, and cancer and wish to avoid spending thousands of dollars in testing to figure it out.”

Presented by: Dr. Michael and Matthew Einsohn

Description: Do you know why you keep getting sick, or can’t kick that fatigue, or are consistently bloated? It may not be what you think it is.  Do not just get a temporary band-aid for a symptom, when you can get full and complete answers on how to get your health back to make sure you never feel that way again. Get answers with Regulation Thermography to find out the root cause of whatever you are currently experiencing. Your body is trying to tell you something, and you are meant to be the healthiest version of yourself. 



Title: “Drumba”

Presented by: Dina Scott, Creator

Description: DRUMBA is an exercise format that combines regular or weighted drumsticks with lower body dance steps to create a fast-paced, intense cardio workout for the upper and lower body. It can be done seated or standing and is a fun cardiovascular workout for all ages and abilities! 




Title: “It's fun, it's fitness, it's Zumba Time!”

Presented by: Sineyda Ortiz, MS

Description: Get ready to party yourself into shape! This exhilarating, easy-to-follow, Latin-inspired, calorie-burning dance fitness-party™ will move YOU!

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