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Title: “Real Food Real Health”

Presented By: Chef Treygaye, Celebrity Chef

Description: Chef Tregaye will teach attendees how to take everyday food HEALTHIER! Learn how to make fish taco lettuce wraps with black bean and corn salsa. No need to go to a restaurant, Chef Tregaye teaches you to do it from your own kitchen!  Don't miss your opportunity to learn to live a healthy lifestyle every day!



Title: “Healthy, Fit, & Sexy Over 40”

Presented By: Bo Talley

Description: A panel of health experts that focus on women maintaining a positive and healthy lifestyle after the age of 40. This panel will discuss the beauty secrets, how to continue your health regime after a major ailment and how to put yourself first with the many demands on life.  This panel is to help remove any "Excuse" to remain unfit and to exchange it with a "Reason" to get out and move!



Title: “Just Move!” Dance Exhibition

Presented By: Atlanta area dance teams

Description: Watch as some of the best dance troupes in Atlanta grace the stage and strut their stuff! “Just Move” is a new addition to the Women’s Health & Fitness Expo that seeks to encourage young women to keep moving and stay fit in an effort to combat childhood obesity.



Title: Easy No-Bake High Protein Snacks the Entire Family Can Enjoy

Presented By: Tosha Bailey from The Mix EduKitchen & Fitness

Description: Make Your Life a Living Health with Tosha as she shows you how to make healthy, portable, kid friendly snacks in less than 30min! You will save money and have peace of mind knowing exactly what’s in your snack bars. Also, learn WHY the ingredients chosen are the best for you and your family.



Title:Dance Your Pounds Off

Presented By: Dwight Holt Jr

Description: DANCE YOUR POUNDS OFF llc. is exactly what the name says and so much more. DANCE YOUR POUNDS OFF llc was founded by celebrity dance trainer and choreographer, Dwight Holt Jr. in 2014. Dwight, most known for his work with Academy-Oscar award winning actress Mo’Nique Hicks,  started the  program to give people an option other than the gym to get fit, stay fit, and build confidence in being and loving themselves. 












Title: “Standing Abs”

Presented By: Guru of Abs

Description: Stomach sculpting standing abs will consist of various excesses involving moving the body through the three planes of motion; sagittal, frontal and transverse which targets movements like bending, rotating and bracing the core. 



Title: “Total Body Strength & Toning”

Presented By: Bo Talley

Description: Total Body Strength & Toning Workout with Bo Talley is an explosive full body-strength workout routine that employs an effective blend of body weight training exercises, cardio and body resistance training to burn fat, boost endurance and sculpt lean muscle from head to toe. The strength and toning session will teach you how to strengthen and tone your muscles using your own body weight.



Title:“Buns Busta”

Presented By: Tissili “Tiss Fit” Rogers

Description: Buns Busta specifically targets the "Problem Areas" of the lower body. This class caters to those areas we all want to get firmer. Toned thighs, lifted glutes and slender hips are just some of the benefits you will receive from taking the "Buns Busta" challenge!



Title: “Band-Tastic!”

Presented By: Frank Adams

Description: This will be a high energy, total body workout experience.  Using different resistance bands from mini bands for individual exercises to big bands for partner and group exercises. Bring your inner athlete to the party!



Title: “Kangoo Power”

Presented By: Lawanda Brokenborough

Description: Burn up to 20 calories per minute while reducing up to 80 % of impact with Kangoo Jumps rebound shoes! Dance, bounce, and jump to upbeat music! Shoes are provided for class!



Title: "Thick Fit HIIT Blast!"

Presented by: Louise "LuLu" Ogadinma

Description: Thick Fit HIIT Blast is a high-interval intensive training. It combines cardio and strength training moves to burn fat fast while maintaining your curves. You don't want to miss this amazing fitness workshop!



Title: “Boom Shock N Lock” 

Presented By: Stephanie Jones (Boom Shock Fitness)

Description: Backed by high energy music, this cardio and body sculpting based workout will get your heart pumping and those muscles popping. You will learn some hype combinations and get a full body workout that you will enjoy. It's fun, effective, and easy to follow. All fitness levels are welcomed, and no dance experience is required



Title: “Fight For Your Life”

Presented By: Jessica Lane

Description: You don’t want to miss this boxing class that allows you to partake in one of the best workouts of your life! It incorporates a class structure that will help you to lose weight, tone muscle, increase energy and learn self-defense taught by Olympic Hopeful Jessica Laine, and Usher’s world-class trainer Xavier Biggs.










Title: "The Psychology of Exercise and Fitness"
Presented by: Dr. Kensa Gunter
Description: Come and learn about how exercise impacts mental/emotional health.  We will talk about the benefits of exercise as it relates to self-esteem and mood. The importance of maintaining a healthy exercise regimen, in order to avoid the negative mental/emotional impacts that occur when exercise and fitness becomes an obsession, will also be discussed. 



Title: “5 Steps to Total Health”

Presented By: Muminah Henderson

Description: This workshop will emphasize the importance of total mind, body & heart health.  It will address means to activate your personal power to assist in accomplishing all your physical, personal and emotional goals. Attendees will be asked to participate in awareness exercises, as well as stretches to increase circulation, energy and concentration.




Title: “A Total Life Change to a Healthy You”

Presented By: Bonita Long, Independent Business Owner

Description: Come out and learn how to live healthy with our 100% All Natural Products. Attendees will learn how these products can impact the body to better health. You will be surprised about what might be in your body. You won't want to miss this!




Title: Transformational Panel

Presented By: Tiss Rogers

Description: A panel of health experts that will discuss the key elements to a long lasting lifestyle change that will provide long lasting results.  This panel is for anyone who has the desire to modify their current appearance. The panel will include transformational specialist, weight loss doctors, surgeons, holistic specialists, trainers, and actual success stories. This panel is not sponsored by one company, firm or agency.  This is an open dialogue which will focus on the multiple aspects one can use to change their life.  



Title: “The Trilogy of Optimal Health”                                           

Presented By: Dr. Michael Smith

Description: What is optimal health? It’s tough to be at your peak if any one area of your life is out of sync. Looking to lose weight? Live a healthier life? Better manage stress? ­Find a more fulfilling career? Create a retirement plan? Live an abundant life? Or even help others do the same? Dr. Michael Smith, physician and certified personal trainer will present the three components of the comprehensive system that allows you to create a full and thriving life on your terms.




Title: “Sprint 8 - Shorten your workouts, Increase your fitness”

Presented by: Phil Campbell, M.S., M.A., ACSM, C-PT, FACHE

Description: More time doesn’t necessarily translate into better fitness.  In fact, working out less often and for shorter periods but at your highest intensity will yield the best results.  That’s the magic of Sprint 8, the science-based HIIT program that delivers results with just three 20-minute workouts a week. 




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