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Title: “It Works Way”
Presented By: Marzia Prince
Description: I found It Works two years ago and incorporated into my business doubling my income in 5 months and earning an additional $25,000 in bonuses in 2 months. If you are fitness professional and ready to take your business to the next level, let me coach you to six figure success the It Works way. It Works has changed my life and it can change yours too. Now I want to share this opportunity to help your current training business.



Title: “15 Minutes for You!!”
Presented By: Brittany Payton, Lisa Hicklen, Tunisia Ellis 
Description: Come prepared to work out and push to the next level with iAm Sports and Fitness. We are focusing on the modern women who is wearing many hats and having to juggle them all. We will walk through how to take 15 minutes a day to focus on you fitness, nutrition and health. You will walk away feeling energized and ready to take on the world. 



Title: “You Have the Power! Be Well, Be Happy! “
Presented By:  Tenesa Rasmussen, dōTERRA Essential Oils Wellness Advocate
Description: BE WELL, BE HAPPY!  How about a plan for daily prevention so you and your family STAY WELL?  How about taking charge of your health, and empowering family members to KNOW WHAT TO DO for life's little challenges?  How about amazing, organic, pure, potent, all-natural ESSENTIAL OILS?  We’re talking the best in the world.  Everyone attending receives a free sample, and you will feel fabulous!



Title: “Caregiver Health Awareness”
Presented By: Bukky Dada
Description:This seminar will discuss emotional and mental health challenges for those caring for loved ones, care giver stress buster tips and overall caregiver health focus.




Title: “Functional Fitness and Fun”

Presented By: Longevity Family Fitness

Description: Longevity Family Fitness is a revolutionary outdoor fitness, family based company that focuses on fun and functional exercise for adults and movement development for children. In this demo, we will be showcasing a 30-minute sneak peak of our adult programs that empower your functional fitness using movements we all do every day! Our mission is to transform every adult into a healthy and strong role model for our youth by cultivating the state of mind of living longer and loving stronger. So come lunge, squat, pivot and reach your way to a longer life with us and experience exercise that feels more like play than work!




Title: “Chronic pelvic pain, varicose veins and how they affect women's health”

Presented By:  Danny Chan, MD

Description: Chronic pelvic pain, symptomatic fibroid disease and varicose veins are health issues that adversely affect the daily lives of many women. There are minimally invasive techniques that can successfully treat these issues with little or drastically reduced recovery times compared to traditional surgical options. In addition, varicose veins and abnormal veins in the leg can mean an underlying valve problem that can be corrected with minimally invasive techniques. We review the signs, symptoms of lower leg venous insufficiency and discuss all treatment options with each patient. 


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